Pre-Refinishing Steps


Preparation for installation or re-finishing work should begin 2-3 days before work is scheduled to commence. We kindly ask that you observe the following guidelines:
Preparation for re-finishing work

In order for our flooring team to deliver the best service to you, please:

  • Remove all furniture, area rugs, plants, wall hangings, curtains/drapes
  • Remove all debris
  • Remove all items from closets. Seal all kitchen cabinets with plastic and blue painters tape.
Note: We will seal off doorways whenever possible
  • Removal of dishwasher is at the owner’s discretion
  • Removal of stove and refrigerator is required
  • Electronic equipment: please remove ALL computer, speakers and electronic equipment from the work area
  • Please remove ALL personal belongings


Each flooring job we do is unique. However, the following schedule is one you can typically expect for a wood flooring installation or re-finishing:






Polyurethane Finish

Sand and apply first coat

Apply second coat

Apply third coat 

Stain & Polyurethane Finish

Sand and Stain

Apply 1st coat polyurethane

Apply 2nd coat polyurethane

Apply 3rd coat polyurethane

Water Based/Acrylic Finish

Sand and apply first coat

Apply second coat

Apply third coat 

Apply fourth coat 

  • For oil-based polyurethane, drying time between coats is approximately 18-24 hours (air humidity playing a big factor, we recommend you have air conditioning running or a dehumidifier. NO FANS)
  • For water-based/acrylic, drying time between coats is approximately 2 hours
  • Families with small children or pregnant women should make alternative accommodations, especially when stain or polyurethane work is scheduled
  • Power required for refinishing equipment is 220 volts on a 30-amp circuit. Please ensure we have access to one of the following: a clothes dryer or stove outlet, or directly from the circuit breaker panel
  • Homes with white baseboard trim can expect to do some touch up painting work as the edger rises along the baseboard trim


We understand that you are anxious to resume your normal schedule and resume the use of your wood floor. However, considering the investment you have made in your wood flooring, and to ensure the best performance from your new floor, we suggest the following post-installation schedule:

Number of days after installation







Walk on floor with socks on feet

Minimum waiting period before replacing furniture and rugs

The best period to wait before replacing furniture and rugs. To prevent scratches to your new floors, we recommend that you use glide protectors under your furniture. To ensure your family’s safety, we recommend using non-skid backing under your rugs.

Resume full use of your new floor


Clean up is best accomplished by vacuuming, not wiping floors. Dry Swiffer works well to clean dust off walls. We recommend that families with dogs:

  • The dogs stay off floors for 7 days to ensure that floors will properly cure
  • Have the dogs nails trimmed 

All furniture should be picked up and placed into position. Do not slide furniture into position, even with rugs or towels underneath.